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These were made by me. Any similarities to other tuts are purely coincidental.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Leigh Penrod Digitals & Friends *AWESTRUCK* Blog Train

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Leigh Penrod & Friends *Love Is *  February Blog Train

Leigh Penrod & Friends
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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Country Christmas LP & Friends Blog Train


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LP & Friends Country Christmas Blog Train
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oh Sooooo Sweet

Welcome back to my Home Away From Home.

I was asked from a friend when will I make another tut.  Well here it is and it was as fun to make as my first one.  You can stop tapping your foot.  LOL Wouldn't want you to put a hole in your floor.
Any ways here you go Tutorial number 2.  I titled it Oh Sooooo Sweet because of the word art. 
Any similarities to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
Oh Sooooo Sweet

Supplies needed

Tube of choice I used the art of Nene Thomas it is FTU and you can get it here 
Kit I used is a FTU that my daughter made and you can get it Here 
(Look on the left side of the page for Free Scrapkits.)
Font of Choice
Plug-in used eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow

Now for instructions as to how I made my tag:

Open a new raster layer 650 x 650
Set foreground color to #880a20
set background color to #000
Use Gradient Foreground/background with these settings:
angle      0
repeat      0
Style Sunburst
Center Point
Horizontal     50
Vertical     50
Link center and focal points checked

Open Wired Square
Copy and Paste as new layer, position in top left corner
rename layer wired square
Duplicate wired square
Position in top right corner
merge these wired square layers
Duplicate new wired square layer
Position so that there are squares in the middle of the right side
merge these new squared wire layers with first set.
It will look like one layer of squared fencing.

Open Frame001 
Copy and paste as new layer, position in middle of layer

Open Butterfly002  
Copy and paste as new layer, position on the top left side of Frame002

Merge Frame002 and Butterfly002 together  Rename layer as Butterfly and Frame and Hide for now

Open Fancy Heart001 and Fancy Heart002
Copy and paste Fancy Heart002 as a new layer
Rename layer to Fancyheart002
Re size 200% center it

Open Fancy heart001
Using pick tool position so this heart fits with-in Heart002
Reposition Heart001 to the top right of Heart002
Change color to blend with your tube

Copy and paste your tube of Choice
Duplicate 2 more times
rename EACH LAYER tube 1 - tube 2- tube 3
You will now have a total of 3 tube layers
Hide tube layers 2 AND 3

Position tube 1 over Fancy Heart002
Re size if need so head area fits inside heart002
Highlight Fancyheartoo2
Select all
De float
highlight tube layer
invert tube layer
blend BURN

position SO HEAD AREA IS OVER Fancy HEART001
highlight Fancy HEART001 LAYER
select ALL
highlight tube LAYER 2
blend burn


Open word art
using magic wand on the selection tool
box around the oh sooooo sweet word art
copy and paste as new layer.
Re size if necessary
hue and saturation
hue saturation and lightness:
choose a color that blends with your tube
inner bevel with these settings:
smoothness     68
depth                   29
Ambience           -35
shininess             69
angle                      9
intensity            73
elevation          67
bevel                   #7
width                  16
color I used is #d8ac36
Use a color that there is little amounts of from your tube
Gradient glow with these settings:
glow width          6.7
soft corners       25
overall opacity   100
draw only outside checked


use a color in your tube that is minimal in color(has very little color)
opacity     100
Font of choice 
place your name using the same inner bevel settings
Rotate word art and name in bottom right hand corner
Now remember the frame and butterfly layer I asked you to hide?  Well now is the time to open it back up.
Add all copyright info and your tagged by
Add drop shadow where you think it is necessary
Re size all layers to 500 x 500
save as a png

Friday, May 20, 2011

MY First Tut Remember Our Fallen Soldiers

Welcome to my Home away from Home.

Before I get started I would like to thank my daughter for designing my blog background. I love, love, love, did I say love it.  I couldn't have done it without her.  I think she is the best daughter a mom can have and I love her very much.

Now to the business at hand......
This is my first ever tut.  Hope you all enjoy it.  Any similarities to other tutorials are purely coincidental.

Remember Our Fallen Soldiers

For the banner

Open a new raster layer 650x250

open your tube of choice

I used the gorgeous work of Elizabeth Austin .  She is a PTU artist you can get her work along with a license if you don't have one Here
The font i used is AK Applique white it is ftu you can get it here

Copy  your tube and paste it as a new raster layer
Resize if needed and place on left side of Banner
Rename layer to Tube layer 1
Duplicate the tube once you have it placed. 
 Rename second layer to tube layer2

High light tube layer 1
Use Effects: Andrews filters  19 beads and all with these settings--
x1__________ 9
y1__________ 0
x2__________ 0
3d effects drop shadow with these settings---
opacity ____100
color     black

Highlight tube layer 2

use effects:  unplugged x v.2 by VanDerLee Distortion
with these settings---
 Deviation 10
Repeat edges
transparency 0
3d effects drop shadow with these settings---
opacity ____100
color     black

Open new raster layer
Rename to background 1

Flood fill with a light color from your tube
resize 70%
select all
You should see what looks like marching ants around the color of your background 1.  leave those for now as we are now going to add an effect called Mura's meister cloud with these settings---
effect _____100
grain_______ 0
contrast____ 0
bias _______ -80
blur________ 0
contour_____ 0
all boxes checked
use the light and dark colors from your tag along with white
selections none
now your marching ants will be gone
edge effects --enhance

open new raster layer
rename layer to background 2
flood fill with a dark color to match your tube
resize background 2 -- 72%
add noise with these settings---
Gaussian checked       50%
monochrome checked
edge effects --enhance

then add
3d effects drop shadow with these settings---
opacity ____100
color     black

open a new raster layer
rename stars

with your star preset shape
make a row  top to bottom with 4 stars -using both the dark and light  colors
position star layer to the right side of the background layers

duplicate the star layer
resize by 102%

add noise with these settings---
Gaussian checked       50%
  monochrome checked

3d effects drop shadow with these settings---
opacity ____100
color     black

now for the text(ak applique white)
type out the words like this:


---in the light color from your tube
add noise with these settings---
Gaussian checked       50%
  monochrome checked
flood fill with the dark color from your tube-----

--in the dark color from your tube
add noise with these settings---
Gaussian checked       50%
  monochrome checked
flood fill with the lighter color from your tube---

you will now have 2 new layers
rename these layers

remember our 
fallen soldiers 
merge these 2 layers together by highlighting the remember our layer and merge down
then add a
3d effects drop shadow with these settings---
opacity ____100
color     black
use your pick butten to adjust your text layer to position the text next to the tube layer 1 and background 1

Now the last but not least and the most important part.
make sure you have all copyright info of the tube you used.  Now if it is a PTU tube don't forget your license number. last thing is to add that you were the one that made the tag for an example--- tagged by Pat'11.

Merge all layers visible
 save as a png file

now for the avatar

undo the merge
and merge all layers except the copyright info
make sure your ratio is locked and resize it to 250 (with the ratio locked it will automatically resize the x ___ part)
then add all the copyright info and your licence and your tagged by where it is visible.

then merge those layers visible
also save as a png file.

Hope you find this easy to understand. 
I would love to see your results.  You can send your results or questions you may have to my email: .
 As I said at the beginning this was my first one and I plan to add more as I have the time.

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